Michaux Monsterpots

Our newest business member Kest Pottery is well known for her charming monsterpots. We are excited to partner with Kristen Kest on a special limited series of ceramic monsterpots inspired by Michaux State Forest. Below, get to know the current Michaux Monsters: André, Almira, Florence, and Caillou. Each pot is about 7 inches tall and the monster’s head is the lid of the pot. Made of stoneware, the Michaux Monsters are handbuilt constructed ceramic vessels with one-of-a-kind details, glazed with layers of Kest Pottery studio glazes of various colors on the outside, and glazed clear on the inside. All glazes are food safe and can hold your favorite treats too. Handwashing advised.

We currently have a very limited number of these pots available, there are only four! If you are interested in purchasing one, please complete this order request. These pots are currently only available to members and the member price is $60.00 plus tax. Orders will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis, but don’t worry, there are more pots coming and we will put you on a waiting list.

André – SOLD

André is a Monsterpot who lives in the woods at Michaux State Forest. He’s likes to listen carefully to the bird songs and count the snails. If you’re quiet, sometimes you can catch him whistling an old French tune.


Florence is a Michaux Monsterpot with a very good and sensible head on her shoulders. Her very favorite plants are ferns and knows that fiddleheads are delicious boiled or sautéed with butter.


Caillou is a Monsterpot who lives in Michaux State Forest who likes to catalogue plants. He presses them into a bound folio he made, and when they’re dry, he likes to look at them through his microscope. When he’s not so busy, he likes to spend time skipping flat stones into the creek.


Almira is a Monsterpot who lives in the forest at Michaux State Forest. Headstrong and very creative, Almira loves to use drawing to process her thoughts about the world she sees. And she loves to illustrate her own books of plants.