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What happened to the spruce trees at Camp Michaux? – February 2022

If you visit Camp Michaux you may notice that a beloved scene, the grand alleys of spruce trees, is missing a few trees! Four leaning trees were taken from the approach to the fountain off the main camp road, and separately one tight cluster of trees that had already fallen near the commandant’s log cabin up at the northeast corner of the main camp were removed. Almost all the other trees still remain and seem to be doing well.

We are sad to note their passing, but it’s not entirely unexpected. Most of the Norway spruce around the main camp were probably planted in the late 1930s or early 1940s, making them grand old trees indeed – at least 80 years old. Shallowly rooted on a well-watered slope, some of these trees had already been lost to high winds and they were becoming a hazard.

Michaux foresters carefully removed the trees with minimal impact to the site. The minimal impact of this salvage logging operation will soon fade, and these trees will have a new life. The logs have been taken to PSU Mont Alto, where Michaux foresters are working with the faculty to schedule a log to lumber demonstration day sometime in April. The lumber will be placed in custodial storage for value added processing options that are yet to be determined. (More on all this as plans emerge.)

And don’t worry, young spruce will be replanted to create a grand alley for future generations to enjoy.

Thanks to Andre Weltman and the Michaux foresters for photos and background information.

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